With Wingman, event marketing excellence is three steps away.

Step 1: Submit your project. Step 2: Handpick from elite applications. Step 3: Contract your tailored ‘Supergroup’.

Knowledge & Resources

Expand your Event team

Wingman connects brands and agencies directly to highly vetted, top-tier event professionals, ensuring that every event is executed at the highest standard. Say goodbye to sifting through ‘day staff’ and hello to genuine expertise.

Knowledge & Resources

Tap into knowledge from experts around Australia to develop your next event marketing campaign.  Allow Wingman™️ to take the pressure off and support you and your team by sourcing the best suited specialists for your needs.


A streamlined solution for the modern event world.

From automatic contracting when applying for a role to seamless payments through the platform, Wingman simplifies the process of hiring and collaborating. This means less paperwork, fewer hassles, and more focus on creating outstanding events and campaigns.


A sustainable event world.

Beyond just hiring, Wingman offers an integrated platform that fosters connection and collaboration. Brands and agencies can engage with a thriving community of like-minded professionals, stay updated with current events, share best practices, and even tap into Wingman’s Project Management Tools. This sense of community and the additional resources further enrich the event marketing experience, making it not just about transactional hiring but building lasting relationships and continuous growth in the industry.


OUR IN-HOUSE ACCOUNT MANAGERS are skilled project managers in event marketing and here to support you from exploration of the platform to submitting your first brief.

If you would like more information please contact us by filling the form or book in a 20 minute video appointment.


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