Client: Red Bull Australia
Campaign: Red Bull Dirt Pipe
Role: Project Management, Event Direction, and Execution

The Brief: Seven years ago, the idea for a revolutionary new BMX event was sparked. A secret test section was produced to explore the concept and the results were more than promising.

After many false starts the idea finally became reality, with the world’s first dirt halfpipe finally coming to fruition as the Red Bull Dirt Pipe!

Fusing together the dynamic worlds of snowboard super pipe and the dirt jumping mayhem that only BMX can bring to the table, a huge dirt halfpipe was carved over several months from the fertile soil of the Victorian snow fields in Australia, the dirt pipe ran 120 metres into Secret Valley, standing an intimidating 4 metres high and bristled with wall rides, hips and street inspired extensions to push the riders to the limits of their riding skills and imagination.

30 riders were invited, and arrived to find a fun park they could have only imagined in their wildest dreams. The project has spread like wildfire around the world, with the concept set to spawn a new cross-over discipline for BMX and Mountainbiking.