Client: Red Bull Australia
Campaign: New World Disorder 9
Role: Project Management, and execution

The Brief: The Red Bull Dirt pipe earlier this year had its true unveiling. No one really knew what to expect and the bmx community walked away stunned at what was created.

Fast forward a couple months and Wingman good friend and respected MTB expert and Film Producer, Jonnie Broi, dropped Big D from Freeride Entertainment in Canada a line to say "get the boys over here, this thing is big and nasty!"

A few emails of photos and some lengthy phone conversations rallied the troops and we prayed for good weather while the Freeride crew was about a week away from landing in Melbourne. 

Set to arrive for the unveiling were Freeride athletes Paul Basagotia and Benny Korthaus with pro photographer Blake Jorgensen and two of Freeride's big gun filmers/ directors Alex Fostvedt and Rob Bruce.

The weather was the big thing on all of our minds, but int he end after several rain soaked days and a lot of work, the guys were able to ride and sessioned until they could ride no more. 

With their 16mm and super slo-mo camera's spent, the Freeride boys called it a wrap and the RBDP was now officially conquered by the mountainbike world as well!!

The result is nothing short of amazing and arguably one of the greatest action sports segments. Grab yourself a copy of the new film NWD 9 "Never Enough" at your local MTB shop or at www.nwdfilms.com.