Client: Red Bull Australia
Campaign: East Coast Summer Holidays
Role: Project Management, Design, and Execution

The Brief: The Cluster Filmfest concept was developed in conjunction with Red Bull and tested with a pilot show in Byron Bay. Once the recipe was perfected it was time to organise a tour and take the show on the road.

The main aim was to put together some of the world's best footage and short action sports films, along with some cartoon, comedy, and random short films, to create a unique showreel to entertain and make it a great night out for the family. 

An inflatable screen was designed and developed as a one-of-a-kind "old skool" woodgrain TV set. The TV was not only a massive time and space saver with logistics, it served to also generate massive word of mouth in the towns, and become a feature of the series with tour buses stopping to get their photo's with it.

All shows were free, and put on in regional coastal towns swollen with famalies enjoying their summer holidays. The tour covered the east coast from the NSW south coast to QLD's Sunshine Coast, showing 25 nights.